Telephone Answering Services

We have recently completed a website for who are a business services organisation operating out of North Sydney. One of the great services that Virtual Reception off is that they can answer your phone calls when you are unable to take them. This could be when you are in an important meeting or when you are having dinner with the family. Alternatively, you could get them to take all of your calls and to redirect them to the most appropriate person.

In these modern times when business is particularly tough I think it makes good sense to have someone else take care of the admin while you look after the building of your business.

Hire a Campervan in Sydney

We recently rented a campervan from who are located in Banksia in Sydney.

The campervan was a 4 berth Fiat Ducato which was equipped with 2 double beds, a kitchen area with hot and cold water, a toilet and a shower.

The Fiat had 240v power along with 12v, was air conditioned and came with all of the linen, cutlery, pots and pans and camp chairs etc that you need to have an enjoyable time away.

I would definitely recommend taking your family away on a camper holiday. For our camper adventure we went to Hill End in central NSW. The family loved it, sitting around an open fire in the evening while still having a lot of the luxuries of home.

The guys over at Autosleepers were great and really took the time to make sure that we made the most of our trip away. Other campervan hire places that you could potentially look at are, and

Web Design Sydney

Looking for a new website or need to get your old one revamped? These days there are plenty of choices when it comes to picking a Sydney web design company. You could go for 123 2 the company that Oatley blog is associated with or you could choose another firm like Hopping Mad, Wiliam, Sitesuite or quickclicks.

Here are some of the factors that I believe that you should look at when picking a web designer.

1) Check to see what is covered in the price. Comparing web design prices is never apples versus apples. Some designers will limit the number of iterations that you get whilst others will not include onpage SEO.

2) Check who is going to be creating the design. Is it going to be offshored or is it going to be done in Sydney? Offshore work can take longer and it can sometimes be difficult explaining exactly what you want.

3) Check what sort of support you are going to get once the site is finished. You need a designer who is going to be around when you need them.

4) If hosting is included make sure you know where it is going to be hosted and what the procedures are if something goes wrong.

Here at 123 2 Web we believe that we can give you the right answer to each of these questions and we will be happy to build you a beautiful custom website that works.

Benefits of a Variable Speed Drive

If you are using electric motors in large commercial applications then you should potentially look at installing a variable speed drive.

Variable speed drives (sometimes called variable frequency drives) are an electronic means of gaining better efficiency from your motor and hopefully saving a significant amount of money in the process.

In a lot of commercial applications you don’t need an electric motor to be working at full pace all of the time. Unfortunately most motors are designed to work at the same pace regardless of the application.

Installing a VSD can provide a number of tangible benefits including;

1) Smoother start up

2) Accurate positioning during setup

3) Reduced running costs

4) Accurate torque control

5) Longer life of equipment

Within Australia there are a number of variable speed drive manufacturers and suppliers including, ABB and Teco.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of variable speed drives you can also check out this wikipedia post on the subject.

IP ratings

IP is an abbreviation for Ingress Protection and refers to an objects ability to keep unwanted items out. If you are interested in finding out more then check out this Zener blog.

Removalist in the Eastern Suburbs

Need a reliable Eastern Suburbs Removalist? BHR can help with all of your moving packing and unpacking. Check out their site here!

New Site for De-Stress Cleaning

Check out this great new site that 123 2 web have created for De-Stress Cleaning.

Theories of Extinction


Theories of Extinction

(Source: fakescience)